when the turnover can no longer be used, it can be recycled, and the waste discharge is less

1. The surface of the building film-coated board is flat and smooth, which can be sawed,
2. The building cladding board is easy to disassemble and assemble, the operation is simple, and the project progresses quickly; the building cladding board can be made into a curved plane formwork. Building cladding panels are suitable for top formwork, wall formwork, beam-column formwork, balcony formwork, clear-water concrete formwork without mat
3. The building film-coated board is light in weight, large in area, convenient and flexible in installation and disassembly, and has good construction performance, which facilitates the construction of various buildings, reduces joints, reduces or cancels plastering operations, shortens the decoration period, and improves the engineering. quality and engineering progress.pattern, super-bright surface, etc. of high-rise buildings.drilled, and resistant to low temperature, which is beneficial to construction in winter.
4. The architectural film-coated board can also be cut into special specifications according to the needs of the project, especially in the application of special-shaped structures, which highlights the superiority of the architectural film-coated board
5. The building film-coated board can be recycled and the cost is low;
6. The surface is smooth and clean, which can ensure the flatness and smoothness of the building surface after demoulding, without secondary treatment, which can save time;
7. Good weather resistance, high mechanical strength, no shrinkage, no expansion, no cracking, no deformation, good stability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, good fire and waterproof performance in environments with drastic temperature changes;
8. Energy saving and environmental protection, when the turnover can no longer be used, it can be recycled, and the waste discharge is less

Post time: Sep-27-2021