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As people pay more attention to the ecological environment, AOWEI WPC Panel plays an increasingly important role in home decoration and outdoor decoration.

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WPC Panel is a wood-plastic material, and the wood-plastic products usually made of PVC foaming process are called WPC Panel. The main raw material of WPC Panel is a new type of green environmental protection material (30% PVC+69% wood powder+1% colorant formula), WPC Panel is generally composed of two parts, the substrate and the color layer, the substrate is made of wood powder and PVC plus other Synthesis of reinforcing additives, and the color layer is adhered to the surface of the substrate by PVC color films with different textures.

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Not contain toxic chemical ingredients
For home decoration, since AOWEI WPC Panel does not contain toxic chemical ingredients in traditional materials, its concept of green environmental protection is easily accepted by people. In addition, ecological wood is close to logs, which allows modern families to enjoy more and more natural atmosphere. Close to nature, green environmental protection has become the primary decoration standard for most people today. As a new type of decorative material, AOWEI WPC Panel deeply integrates the concepts of environmental protection and nature into the product.
Whether it is the environmental protection level of the raw materials or the style of color design
It is highly consistent with the current people's decoration style. An indispensable and important factor in home decoration. In order to meet the constantly diverse needs of home improvement, we are also constantly developing more models and more colorful designs. I believe that our AOWEI WPC Panel will lead the trend of decoration. Choosing AOWEI means choosing the trend line in the field of decoration.
Ecological wood
The decoration of public areas, the stereotyped decoration makes people feel bored with many public areas. The use of ecological wood can refresh people and increase the intimacy of public areas.
Excellent quality and brilliant design
Due to its excellent quality and brilliant design, it is more and more loved by designers. We believe that as long as we maintain good quality, low price and trendy design, we will see AOWEI WPC Panel in more places.

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