New Decoration Material WPC Panel For Exterior

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In addition to ensuring smooth transition of flow channel design and reasonable flow distribution, WPC has higher requirements for pressure building capacity and temperature control accuracy.
To obtain good fiber orientation and product quality, it is necessary to ensure that the machine head has sufficient pressure building capacity and a long shaping section, and even adopts a double taper structure in the compression section and shaping section.

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WPC Panel is a kind of wood-plastic material, which is a new type of environmental protection landscape material made of wood powder, straw and macromolecular materials after special treatment. It has the superior performance of environmental protection, flame retardant, insect-proof and waterproof; it eliminates the tedious maintenance of anti-corrosion wood painting, saves time and effort, and does not need to be maintained for a long time.

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Insect resistant
The special structure of wood powder and PVC keeps the termite away.
Environment friendly
The amount of formaldehyde and benzene releasde from wood products is far below the national standards which will do no harm to human body.
Shiplap System
WPC matericals are easy to install with a simplistic shiplap system with rabbet joint.
Waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew proof
Solve the problems of perishable and swelling deformation of wooden products in humid environment.

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