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WPC Panel a wood-plastic decoration building material. Due to its special production process, WPC Panel also a better environmentally friendly building material. Under normal circumstances, the production process of WPC Panel a wood-plastic product made of PVC foam.

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30% PVC + 69% wood powder + 1% colorant formula
Most of the WPC Panel the market is a brand-new green and environmentally friendly decoration building material composed of wood powder and PVC material with a small amount of enhanced additives. According to the data collected on the market, the raw material formula of WPC Panel a kind of material mixed with 69% wood flour, 30% PVC material and 1% enhanced additives.
WPC Panel divided into wood-plastic composite and high-fiber polyester composite.
According to the different uses of ecological wood, WPC Panel divided into wood-plastic composite and high-fiber polyester composite. Series such as indoor wall panels, ecological wood-plastic shutters, sound-absorbing panels, WPC Panel floors, WPC square wood slats, WPC Panel ceilings, wood-plastic composite building exterior wall panels, wood-plastic composite sun visors and wood-plastic garden panels are all wood products. Plastic composite ecological wood. The high-fiber polyester composite materials are further divided into WPC Panel floors, exterior wall hanging boards, garden porches and sun visors.
Waterproof, flame retardant, moth-proof, moisture-proof and other characteristics
As a composite decoration building material, WPC Panel itself has strong waterproof, flame retardant, moth-proof, moisture-proof and other characteristics, and the installation process of WPC Panel also very simple, and does not require too complicated steps. From the price point of view, the price of WPC Panel itself is low, but its quality is very guaranteed, and it also has a good performance in appearance.

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