Smooth Waterproof Grade Film Faced Plywood

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Film faced plywood is also called formwork plywood, shuttering plywood, concrete form.

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Product Introduction

Film faced plywood is the special plywood with two sides coated with wearable and water proof film. The film is adhesive impregnated paper, which are different from melamine paper overlay, PVC, MDO (MDO plywood) and HDO (HDO plywood). The function of the film is to protect the inside wood from moisture, water, weather and extend the plywood’s service life. Film faced plywood can be used in harsh and outside environment: shuttering plywood, formwork plywood, concrete formwork, floorboard, vehicle building.

Specification of Film Faced Plywood

Film color: brown, black or others
Core: poplar, eucalyptus, combine core.
Glue: melamine, WPC.
Size: 1220x2440mm, 1250x2500mm.
Thickness: 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm.


1. What are the  advantages of melamine plywood?
Melamine plywood, melamine resin medical name triaminotriazine, alias use melamine, cyanuramide, tripolyamide. using melamine is an vitalnitrogen-heterocyclic natural chemical uncooked substances. The melamine formaldehyde resin chemical is often used to make plastics. glues and flame retardants.

2. How to know your quality is good?
Form our pictures and our quality check team,you can have full confidence in our quality.And wo can send you the sample,the sample is free but you need to pay the freight.I'm sure you will be eager to order from us after seeing our samples.

3. Why do other trading companies have melamine plywood of the same thickness as yours at a lower price?
There is an old saying in china:You get what you pay for!If you choose a lower price,you may also get a different surprise!I can say at the same price,our particle board must be one of the best.

4. How about the min order?Can I order only 100 pieces if I want them to  go with my other goods together?
No problem,because we are producing everyday for our clients,we can get some for you anytime ,and we can arrange the truck delivery to Guangzhou,Yiwu,Shanghai etc,a lot clients choose to do this.wo are familiar with the procedure.

5. If I place an order with you,when is the loading time?
Usually our delivery time is 15-20 days after receiving the production deposit.But if you are in hurry,we can push it and delivery to you in 10 days.

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